About me

As a Reiki Master/Healer, empath and sensitive working with my spirit guides and intuition to locate where work is needed to be "done" on my client.

I channel, god's love and light through my heart centre to my client, most of my clients experience and feel the intense heat and energy coming from my hands.

Coaching and mentoring skills are used to help clients discuss health/stress or spiritual issues.

Having recently come out of the Spiritual closet, I now want to embark on and help others with healing - how can I help today? and serve humanity is my key question.

It was back in early 2014 when something strange came from within, a great abundance of energy and very profound inner knowing of my life's purpose, which then lead on to, my souls mission!.

Two years after being a Reiki 2 Practitioner, I burst with excitement and energy knowing that I was a healer and I could make a difference for humanity with a passion.

I had a Spiritual Awakening, my Kundalini was activated it raised and that was that! I was on the Ascension path (aka) bringing Heaven to Earth through my physical body and on the attained path to enlightenment and oneness.

If you feel drawn or guided, then please check out the 121 treatments / sessions page for more info -

Alternatively if you feel drawn or have an incline for healing or healing related events, then please check out the Course, Events and Workshops page.

A Reiki course is a great way to be attuned to healing.

Angela Graham

Usui Reki Master/Teacher (levels 1-Master / Teacher).

Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher  (Level 1&2 & 3&4 Master / Teacher)

Spiritual Coach / Twin Flame Coach.

A Chakra balance session is one of the most commonly used services I offer and it is all-encompassing with the Mind, Body and Spirit. It is a very relaxing and YES! a rejuvennating session, one in which detects over active or under active chakras.

Over active or under active Chakras can give one! an "Out of balance" feeling that can lead you to feeling drained, heavy a bit sluggish and in an out of sorts mood.

Crystal healing therapy is used in a session I call "Illumination", this work is generally undertaken with my continuation clients as a follow-on session to getting into deep seated issues and core wounding in which we possess as humans.

As with the Chakra Balance session the 7 chakras are worked on until cleared and all is released, allowing the chakra to spin as a healthy energy vortex at its natural pace.

I do not claim to cure clients, but I do contribute to the alleviation of ailments.

I am not a doctor, and if you are feeling pain or discomfort in any way, then I do suggest you see the medical advice of a specialist.

T&C's - Payment terms and conditions.

Please note: All payments for 121 sessions and treatments are to be paid in full, upfront prior to a session/treatment.

All healer training courses booked a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place on the course.

No refunds will be made upon cancellation of a service, and no refunds will be made for deposits made for the healer training courses.

Please allow for up to 48hrs for cancellation or to re-schedule a therapy session or an upcoming healer training course.

However, if I must cancel due to sickness or ill health, rescheduling will be offered or a full refund is offered back to you.

Concession rates - do apply to those on low incomes, please ask prior to booking.

I am fully insured and a member of the (ARA) Angelic Reiki Association and the (BCMA) - British Complementary Medicine Association.

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