Angelic Reiki

In this healing session, I work with my healing Angel and very closely with Angels (Raphael) in particular likes to be present along with any other light beings who feel, they like to be off service during your healing session.

As this is a hands-on method, with one hand on the High Heart chakra and the other hand on the Solar Plexus chakra.

Reiki & Spiritual Healing

Here I channel healing and work with my team to work on a specific area of healing as required by yourself and to where ever else I am guided to, areas which may require healing!. Reiki is natural method of healing which reduces stress levels and promotes deep relaxation.

The area of need is worked on by using a hands-off technique as healing energy is channelled to the client and the energy work where necessary.

Distance Healing

In this treatment I am the facilitator as I send distance healing to you (You will need to be in a relaxing, quite undistrubed space).

I call upon my light team and ask for them to get to work for the highest good of the client.

I set intentions to release what is no longer serving you for your highest good, i also ask you do the same at your end if you have any. Archangel Michael gets to work as my buddy to remove anything from around your physical body, auric field and etheric body.

The work undertaken is different every time with different outcomes as no expectation is needed as healing is facilitated when and where it is needed.

Chakra Balance Healing & Reconnective Healing.

These sessions are a winner!. The Chakra balance healing session cleanses, balances and heals all of your charkas allowing them to free flow freely as a vortex and spin naturally as they can get congested with heavy and or old energies which could do with being cleared out for your highest best.

The Reconnective healing service involves reconnecting the client back to the earths grid lines and connect from the human meridians, also aligning you to the universal gridlines. This treatment is generally undertaken over two sessions lasting approx 1hr in total.


"That was was amazing!!, my back feels marvellous a lot better.

My back had been giving me pain for some days now!.

Angela is a highly skilled healer and will certainly be working with her again in the future for contunity of my treatment."

Kevin O'Connor

“ That was fabulous, great!.

Angela was very powerful during my last session, her healing hands, I could feel them. Her healing sent me flying and I went off on a journey. I will certainly be going back to see Angela in the future”

Mahagarita Wood

Twin Flame Coaching and Spiritual Coaching Sessions.

All my healing and guidance given in this session is from my own experience of walking this path.

Having travelled this path for over three years now, I can speak and provide you with guidance from my own experience, based on my love journey/path.

I can help answer any questions you have, based on my own journey and experience. Guidance as with "what to do" and "How to do?" ie how to clear and release.

With this session, we can go right in to release and heal whatever is coming up for you in the moment, feeling into this emotion is the healing. Also from my experience "Talking Helps!" the talking can sometimes, "be" just the release you need! in order to heal some of those parts in which cannot come up by just you working alone on them, I will be off assistance in helping you release. Or if you would like to connect, then please email me.

Crystal Healing

Crystals are placed on and or around the client, to assist with the healing session. Using Crystals can cleanse and magnify healing energy. Crystals are great at transmuting negative, old heavy lower vibrational energies.

Past Life Healing

Have you ever felt like you have had this happen before?, a de ja vu situation or even you feel of known a another person before?. Well yes! you might have, and the reason you are experiencing what you are, in the here and now is for a reason in this life time. A lesson may be presenting itself or an opportunity for healing something has now been presented to you by the Universe in this life to clear.

Past life healing is where I go into channel and spirit provides me with the past life energy and the vision towards what needs healing in the here an now for your highest good. Sometimes olds cords or old attachments need to be worked through, presented, cut and let go of in order to move on with the next step in life.

Treatment & Session Rates:

All 121 sessions and treatments include for an initial consultation of 15mins and a 45 mins couch theraphy session or a chair healing as required by the client. Allow for up to an hour for the complete session time.

121 Healing Sessions (Includes for all of the types of healing sessions below).

1 hour sessions £40, consultations come with some treatments below.

  • Usui Reiki

  • Angelic Reiki

  •  Distance Healing Session

  • Chakra Balance

  • Past Life Healing

  • Crystal Healing Therapy

Reconnective healing and Twin flame, Spiritual Coaching sessions.

1 hour sessions are £30.

Follow-Up consultations along with a further session: 1 hour - £40

(Apart from reconnective healing and Twin Flame Coaching sessions).

All payments must be paid in full prior to your session, you can pay via the Paypal button and email me directly after for my availability.

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