Healing is a holistic way to helping you to improve your health and vitality.

Healing is Universal Chi Energy channelled directly from source love and light.

I'm am an inspirational inituitive Healer, Teacher and a Spiritual Coach on the ascension path and the Twin Flame path in this lifetime. I am out of the "Spiritual Closet" and here to tell my tale!.

After being guided towards healing to "heal myself" and "others" for life, I quickly got on the path to learning Reiki. Little did I know it would be my souls purpose to heal, teach people and pass on the energy here on earth for humanity.

Heart healing angel is a service to humanity, offering double bubble healing as I am at one with spirit and source through channel.

I work with my heart, soul on a spiritual healing basis along with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Kwan Yin (the goddess of compassion).

Reiki is a natural energy healing technique, which is my main healing modality, although I use variations of a theme which include for cord & tie cutting and psychic surgery.

Healing is used to reduce stress levels, promotes deep relaxation and a more positive life.

The benefits of Reiki include an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level of healing.

With Angelic healing, I work with my own team of light: my healing Angels, Ascended Masters, and any other Light Beings that wish to participate in each session.

Each 121 treatment is an individual 1 hour session with yourself depending on the treatment in which you choose, and of course there is always a divine team present! when the courses are in full swing and running.

In 121 healing sessions, I will ask you if there is anything in particular that needs looking at to heal.

I get to work on what needs healing for my client's highest good at the time!, I am lucky as I get a lot of help from my guides.

I look, to work on the given area and clear any heavy old energies away, offer them to source for transmutation, before going back over the area with new energy and sealing in the light.

For all your healing enquiries and queries, please click here to the "contact me" page and fill in the details box and hit send. I shall endeavour to respond to your enquiries within 3 days.

Please connect to my UTube channel for further spiritual / twinflame guidance videos via this link -

My Facebook group and page link is here - www.facebook.com/groups/113072329323342/

Occasionally from time to time I help in organising a "healing share" group called LES (London Energy Share), the Meetup group link is here for our up and coming group energy/healing share dates.

I am fully qualified Angelic Reiki and Reiki Master / Teacher, I am fully insured for my services to work with YOU! the public.

I am a member of the (ARA) Angelic Reiki Association and the (BCMA) - British Complementary Medicine Association.

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Austen Place,


Bristol, BS11 0DB
Tel: 07932 832157
​Email: angiegraham99@yahoo.co.uk

Available Treatments
  • Reiki 121 Sessions

  • Angelic Reiki 121 Sessions

  • Reiki & Angelic Reiki courses (All levels taught)

  • Distant Healing

  • Past Life Healing

  • Twin Flame Coaching / Mentoring Sessions.

  • Crystal Healing Therapy

  • Reconnective Healing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Soul Retrievals